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Details Shaded Pole Motors - Q Type

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Description :

Shaded Pole Motors - Q Type

What are Q motors?

Q Motors are 4 pole Shaded Pole Motors.They have a very compact design and are available from 5 Watts to 34 Watts output. These Shaded Pole Motors are designed in a way such that an entire range of impellers i.e. 154mm to 300 mmwith different angles can be fitted to these Q motors of any wattage. Thus making the design of this Shaded Pole Motor very universal.

The sturdy structure along with the high torque and low noise level make Hicool Q Motors laudable. Hicool provides various accessories for the Q motor like Aluminium/Plastic Blades of different diameters, Brackets, Wall Rings, Basket Grill, Ventury Frame etc.

Applications of Q Motors :

A Q type Shaded Pole Motor has applications in:
  • Visi Coolers
  • Refrigerators
  • Deep Freezers
  • Chest Coolers
  • Display Units
  • Condensing Cooling

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